Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chalet Logistics

Oh yes, things to bring for chalet:

CLOTHES! -if you don't bring, I don't think I have your size or cutting even :)
TOILETRIES! -*ah hem* personal hygiene yes?
BIBLES! -for our daily devotions.
money -$10 for grocery shopping and some for lunch and dinner on Thursday :)
guitars -for those whom I requested.
chordsheets of any song you wish for all of us to learn together -if not we'll do everything I want!
sleeping bag -optional.

Okay, that's all for now. I think. Do sms me ASAP if you think of something I might have missed out. We'll meet at 1pm at Pasir Ris MRT station and proceed for lunch at White Sands after that. That's followed by grocery shopping and then we can proceed to our chalet and check-in. For those who want to know, our chalet unit number is M05.


With all the love in the world,


Hey guys, Kenneth here. FIRST POST (from me)

I'm so so sorry I haven't been contacting you guys much this past week. Well, I've just been so swamped with work and I've really been pretty burnt out, so I'm hoping to make use of our up-and-coming (-very soon) chalet as a retreat to just get closer to God and you guys. I've been feeling really excited for us as, well, can you believe it?! Our chalet is just 2 days away! Well, probably 1 day away since you all will be reading this tomorrow. Anyway, I just want to leave these words with you; EXPECT SOMETHING! Expect something to come out of this retreat, be it a change of heart, habit or even renewed faith.

There's a story which goes something like this:

In a certain land, there was a drought, and harvest was expected to be poor. Two farmers thus prayed to God, begging for rain. After praying, one of the farmers then began complaining to his wife of the poor weather conditions, while the other started preparing his farming tools.

Which of these two truly believed in God, and in the prayer he just prayed. Thus, let's EXPECT SOMETHING and start preparing for the rain!

With all the love in the world,

Saturday, November 28, 2009

First ever post.

Hello fellow youths, this is Val posting at 1.51am!

Sorry for the really ugly drawing above, I really couldn't find a picture to put there.
If anyone has any suggestions on what to add or change about this site, you can contact me via email (my email is stoptraffic-@live.com, add me up on msn if you haven't!) or you can send me an sms or tell me when you see me, I would appreciate it :D

This site will be accessible to all of you guys, just don't abuse it. You can post whatever you want to, like videos, prayer requests or any suggestions and such. I'll be posting details for our soon-to-come outings, so please stay tuned to this site!

Oh and before I forget, please remember to pay $40 to Kenneth for the chalet and inform him if you are bringing any of your friends along! It's on the 17th of December, about 3 weeks from now. I'm really excited, we have so many things planned!

Wow really long post here. I'll give you all the email address and password during the next ALG, or if you have something to post up before then, you can contact me, I'll be more than willing to give the information to you! I've placed a tagboard at the side, use it if you need/want to. Hope to see you all soon!